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Michael Zucker

Masters of Engineering in Acoustics, B.S. in Physics from Penn State University.
Music and video production, composer, guitarist, singer, engineer and scientist.
Over a decade of experience in digital and analog recording and signal processing.


Timm Bielec

Music producer, graphic designer, percussionist, lyricist and yogi.
Co-founder with decades of experience in music composition and audio as well as the ceremonial arts.


Bruce C. Marshall

Music and video producer, guitarist and composer.
Two time Emmy Award winning, Senior Vice President of Immersive Production Group and former engineer at Full Sale Real University.

Will Hensley

Music producer, engineer and guitarist.
Renowned engineering and mixing with creadits including Coldplay, My Morning Jacket, A Fine Frenzy, Ben Folds, Copeland, John Mayer and Dream Theater

Recording Studios

eTown Hall Studios

eTown Hall is a community organization, live performance venue and full service recording studio in Boulder Colorado. eTown offers many options in terms of rooms, instruments and equipment to produce truly unique and inspiring records.
Point of contact: John "Digger" - director of operations


Decibal Garden Recording Studios

The Decibel Garden is an audio sanctuary unlike any other in Colorado. The staff and facility are dedicated to a simple directive; Identifying and optimizing your voice as an artist, and giving you the launch-pad to get your shot.
Point of contact: Haylar Garcia - owner


Altitude Recording Studios

Recording and production studio designed to produce top quality, yet affordable, studio recordings in an inspiring environment in the foothills of Boulder, CO.
Point of contact: Steve Sirockin - owner


Tribal Studio

Buffalo, NY's most vibrant and unique recording studio. Artists who work at Tribal Studio can be assured of a comfortable environment which fosters uncompromised creativity and unapologetic experimentation.
Point of contact: Gary Bernstein - owner


The Nice Package Recording Company

The Nice Package Recording Company, Towson's premier recording, mixing, and mastering studio, PLUS graphic design, CD/DVD/Vinyl manufacturing facility.
Point of contact: Rex Anderson - producer and engineer

Contact: Michael Zucker | differentialproductions@gmail.com | 717.623.0900
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