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Digital Audio and Video Editing

We take your audio tracks, photos and footage to the next level with advanced digital editing using
Steinberg and Adobe products.
 -Noise Removal, pitch correction, drum replacement, dynamics, color, pixel replacement

Mixing and Mastering

Using a combination of software and analog gear we make your mix and master shine. .
 -Cubase 6.5, Wavelab 7, Kush Audio EQ, Empirical Labs compression


Unique designs, logos, themes and concepts.
 -Variety of formats, competitive prices and rush jobs available.

Record Duplication

Weather you're looking for quick and cheap shrink wrapped CDs, or want to step into the wonderful world of vinyl we offer every option.
 -No minimums on CDs, CD packages from $2-6 per unit in all shapes and sizes, LP runs as small as 100 units

Web Design

Once you have a product you'll want to show it off and we do that as well with web design using Adobe products. Full artists sites with custom graphics start at $500.
Example sites: This Site, Michael Zucker
, Alice White Tattoo.

Contact: Michael Zucker | differentialproductions@gmail.com | 717.623.0900
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