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Dreamy songs with piano from Denver Colorado

Organic rock with soul and flare from NYC
Trip-hop/funk/vinyl mash-ups from beyond the cosmos
Prehistoric bass/cello/drums from Queens New York
Math rock from Denver Colorado
Psychedelic funk/jazz/acid rock from Boulder Colorado
Cinimatic, progressive rock from Buffalo New York
Experimental, alternative rock from Denver Colorado
Alternative, grunge rock from Brooklyn New York
Video game rock on another level from Baltimore
Progressive, alternative rock from Denver Colorado
Enochian Ipsissimus, Keeper of the Keys, Tantrika, Artist, Poet, Strategist, Philosopher, Charlatan (Trickster and Fool)
Contact: Michael Zucker | differentialproductions@gmail.com | 717.623.0900
Emily Shreve
Geoff Barone
Michael Zucker
Eat the Sun
You Bred Raptors?
The Art is Fire
eTown Studios
Decibel Garden
Altitude Recording
Tribal Studio
Nice Package
Mixing and Mastering
Guitar Pedals